Welcome to RYTMO!

To educate, empower, and equip youth through music, technology, and the arts.

RYTMO (Reaching Youth Through Music Opportunitites) is a 501(c)3 non-profit program.  The program is designed to serve youth ages 14-24 who desire a career in the music industry, and can demonstrate musical, technical and business potential in the arts.  We provide a positive, creative, and professional environment for under-served youth to grow and develop their artistic, technical, and business potential.  Many of our students go on to start their own record labels, video & audio companies, perform live shows, and produce music for themselves and other artists.

Participants will also develop practical skills in which to express their creative talents, attain greater personal achievement, and gain fundamental occupational skills for the music industry.  At the same time, RYTMO is committed to teaching life-enriching skills such as goal setting, project planning, leadership skills, professionalism, group interaction and disciplined behavior that will help prepare participants for a future career in anything they do.  Services include: Occupational Training, Entrepreneurial & Life Skills, Community Service, Internships and Mentoring.