Our Program

The RYTMO program is comprised of 4 comprehensive courses. Each course is 9 weeks in length, class meets one day a week for 2 hours.

(See our Satellites page for class schedule and location details.)

RYTMO Courses

Level 1 Introductory Course
Music History
Music Theory
Commercial Songwriting
Basics of the Music Business
Marketing and Promotion
Introduction to REASON Music Software
Careers in the Music Industry

Level 2 Intermediate Course
Artistic Development
The Growing Songwriter
Studio Etiquette & Recording
Performance & Gigging
Music for Movies
Applying REASON Music Software

Level 3 Advanced Course
Live Audio + Engineering
Artistic Development
Music Contracts
Entrepreneurship & Starting a Business

Level 4 LAB
This level allows students to collaborate on a group project and focuses on production, songwriting, & recording, culminating with a finished product recorded in the studio.
*Exceptional productions will be considered for publishing, Film or TV placement through our All Star Entertainment Label.

To enroll in RYTMO program:

  1. Fill out an application:        Application        Agency Referral
  2. Tuition: $450 per level.  Pay tuition:  
    RYTMO Tuition/ Jazz Generations Ticket
    Please enter your first & last name.:
    Pay by mail:  Mailing address below.  *Please make checks payable to RYTMO.
  3. Attend orientation. See our Satellites page for more info.

Send application via one of the following:
Fax: 714.635.1948
Email: yoonji@rytmo.org 
Mail:  P.O.Box 1206 Anaheim, CA 92815