About Us

To educate, empower and equip youth through music, technology, and the arts.

RYTMO (Reaching Youth Through Music Opportunities) was established in 2003 by the Christian Latino Association of Music & Arts (CLAMA).  At RYTMO, young people have the opportunity to experiment with music: where it comes from, what makes a “hit” song, how to make beats, how to write lyrics, how to find a job in the entertainment industry, and more.  Music Technology is the merging of music with computers and software. With the rise of digital music, video gaming, cell phone ringtones, film & television and the internet, this is a new and highly sought out profession in today’s industry. From Beethoven to Mars Volta – from Count Basie to Tupac and beyond, students learn and experience everything that has to do with music production.

Board Members provide musical and practical guidance in their fields of expertise. Besides their advisory role for RYTMO, members provide insight and realistic perspective into the world of music business, education, community engagement and funding.

Board of Directors
Joey Arreguin
Mike Anderson
Alicia Rodriguez
Tim Rodriguez

Advisory Board
Ricky Z
Lila Downs
Abraham Laboriel
Del Atkins
Tony Kim
Justo Almario
Cindy Badell-Slaughter
Rosie Hamlin
Rique Pantoja
Doriana Sanchez
Mateo Laboriel
Karl Carrasco
Buddy Strong
Frank Martinez

RYTMO Members
Mike Anderson – President
Joey Arreguin – Executive Director
Josh Arreguin – Instructor
Victoria Hoang – Instructor
Andy Acosta – Instructor
Yoonji Lee – Administrative Assistant

RYTMO Interns & Volunteers
Hadley Brito
Benjamin Edwards
Summer Dole
Felipe Garcia
Jared Jamias
Lupe Lozano
Jesse Olague
Ayaka Yamagata