Program Services

By providing a fun and highly relevant approach to commercial music technology and recording, participants will develop practical skills in which to express their creative talents, attain greater personal achievement and gain fundamental occupational skills for the music industry. At the same time, RYTMO is committed to teaching life-enriching skills like goal setting, project planning, leadership skills, professionalism, community-mindedness, group interaction, and the discipline required to prepare for a future career in any field a youth will choose.

Module 1

The first module covers basic songwriting and music theory, providing several exercises to help facilitate the first steps of composition. Students will be exposed to music software as they develop more of their own creative style. An introduction to the evolution of music will also be presented.

Module 2

The second module encourages students to advance their songwriting skills and provides a more in-depth overview of a music software program. Students will also learn the concept and importance of copyrights, which includes professional input from a copyright attorney.

Module 3

The third module covers the relationship between composition and publishing/licensing focusing specifically on what songwriters need to know about publishing and provides tips on performance. A preview of "how to build your own studio" will be covered.

Module 4

This final module gives students the chance to combine all the knowledge attached from the first three modules to create an original composition.

Career Profiles

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the music industry? While the roles of a musician or sound engineer might be more commonly understood, there are some lesser-known occupations that still provide fulfilling careers for those who are passionate about music. Follow some examples of careers profiles available that use music-related skills and the paths you can take to attain success in that particular field.